An Alchemy of Stone – 2013

Click here to see a clip of film from the show.

The exhibition/installation consisted of sculpture and drawings. The stone sculptures sat inside a ‘cage’ of woven willow and suspended ’3D drawings’ of interlocking sections hung within the gallery space. The drawings were spread between those drawn directly onto the walls of the gallery and illustrated ‘stories’ – sewn onto muslin screens, suspended from the gallery’s lighting framework.
The exhibition celebrates the stored memories ( in silicon ) of every living creature that ever lived on our planet.
There was a 30 minute sound-piece to accompany the work in the gallery.

Click on the above image to read a review in the Hereford Times. Muslin entrance from the Museum to the gallery space. The willow ‘cage’ that held most of the stone sculptures.

Three sculptures in Ancaster stone, from ‘Alchemy’.

A page from my notebook of designs for the ‘Alchemy’ stories.

Included below are: Messengers, Just go straight on, From the Legend of the Golden Knight


September 1993
Installation and exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, Wales.
The museum is part of the Tabernacle in the North Welsh town of Machynlleth.

The theme was Angels as they appear in literature throughout the ages. The research and finished artwork took almost eighteen months to complete, as well as ten days of assembly at the gallery itself.

The Installation consisted of some 3.000 lengths of bamboo that formed a labyrinthine series of chapels, housing sculptures and artwork.

The three rooms upstairs at the gallery were hung with over sixty pieces of artwork: Oil paintings, box collages, drawings and mixed medium works.
I drew angel designs directly onto the walls.

There was a budget for producing a booklet as well as the poster and invite cards for the show, so I designed these to give the show an integrated look.


2003 Hereford museum and Art Gallery

An installation comprising sculpture, artwork, text and video based on the life and works of Alfred Watkins, a Herefordian gentleman who invented the light meter, a loaf of bread for the common man, methodically documented with pioneering photography the wonders of Herefordshire and gave the English language the term ley line in his radical book “ The old Straight Track”.

I was given the opportunity to design the poster, booklet and invite card for the show.
There are images from these items in the  GRAPHIC section of this site.


1997 The Silk Top Hat Gallery, Ludlow.

I was inspired to write a murder mystery based on famous artwork from the Renaissance period, involving the struggle for power between the Family Houses of Florence and Milan.
The exhibition consisted of written text alongside ink drawings, pencil drawings and box collages.