This section brings together a variety of work that I have been commissioned to produce over the years, from garden sculpture to graphic artwork.

HEADSTONES and memorials are included here.


In polished Ancaster weatherbed stone

Anniversary stone, March 2016
Forest-of-Dean stone, in situ in Cheshire

Horse plaque
Conglomerate stone, 2014

Elemental Angels sculpture

Installed at a garden in Orcop Hill, Herefordshire.
The four angels representing Earth, Air, Fire and Water are carved in low relief around a column of Forest-of-Dean stone.

Elemental Water angel

One of the preliminary sketches for the work.

The Archangel Michael

Michael holds a set of scales in his left hand. These weigh the soul ……. ( a heart ) of each person against a feather, which represents purity.

His right hand holds a sword, with which he has slain the dragon, representing satan or evil.

Recently commissioned piece for the Steiner Academy at Much Dewchurch in Herefordshire.

Detail from the 16inch version of Michael and the Dragon.

Lettering and makers mark on the back of the small Michael sculpture.

Steiner Academy entrance stone
Much Dewchurch, Herefordshire.
Transportation to the site.

The stone, in it’s raw state
at the quarry in the
I purposely left in the
drill-holes, used for splitting
the stone, as part of the


This two-part sculpture is
installed in a private garden
at Orcop in Herefordshire.
This and other spaces in the
garden are used for
meditation and inspiration.

Peterchurch water trough
Made of Forest-of-Dean stone, here shown in situ.


Design for a Green Man to be included in the brickwork for a house extension near Bridgnorth.

This is the finished work, measuring 14 by 16 inches.


An Aumbry is a niche or hidey-hole in a church where they used to lock up the valuables. The arch was removed during building work and the owners wanted me to do something interesting with the arch that remained. It’s now a birdbath!


The brief for this commission was to design a two-seater garden feature for a house in Ludlow.
I wanted to create a water feature without having to supply the water and so rain collects in the carved bowl above the head, as well as seeming to emanate from the mouth.


A sculpture made from three pieces of Lincolnshire limestone.
Installed in a private garden near Ludlow, Shropshire.
Completed july 2010


This commission called for a bronze Tern ( an “Elegant Tern” ) to spout water from it’s beak into a stone bowl, on the outside of which was carved the inscription.
The original bird was carved from one piece of plaster and cast into bronze at the Red Temple foundry in Birmingham.
The stone used was Forest of Dean.

Plaster carving ready for casting.


Over the past seven or eight years I have done several commissions for the Tankhouse near Pembridge, Herefordshire.
It has the greenest, lushest lawn I have ever seen !
I started with a St Francis figure, then a large supplicating Angel, followed by a bird bath and finally a Green Man.

Early drawings for the Angel.

The stone, newly delivered from the Forest of Dean.


Memorial Stone

Carved from Forest-of-Dean stone approx 24 inches high
Sited in a field at Wem, Shropshire.

Memorial stone for John Hencher

Eric commissioned me to make a headstone for his wife, who is buried at Kilpeck church in Herefordshire.
Eric worked as a draughtsman on the designs for the Spitfire during the 2nd world war and both he and his wife were competent artists, so Eric had plenty of input on the design of the stone.
It’s a double plot and so Eric’s name is on the stone too!
He came to my studio in freezing weather and had a go at carving part of a rose and some background texture before the cold drove us indoors for a cuppa.
Not many people have the chance, or indeed desire to work on their own headstone, but Eric wanted to be part of the process and we shared a few laughs about it all.

work in progress at the studio

Headstone in place at Kilpeck March 2010

Sand-etched glass with Oak leaf motif.
The Grange Village at Newnham-on-Severn.


The Parkfields Estate at Pontshill, near Ross-on-Wye commissioned an earthwork for their grounds. The theme I was inspired by was the Tale of Icarus and this Heliotrope was Daedalus’s memorial to his son. It featured a narrow passageway that at a certain time during the day let sunlight fall onto a low-relief figure of Daedalus and a cretan labyrinth.

The piece was constructed from local stone and Forest of Dean stone.
It measured some twenty five feet in length.


Tree Angels at Hampton Court

Mike Whitfield cementing in a Green Man at his home on Garway Hill.

A Green Man designed to fit a garden wall in Wellington, North Herefordshire.


On the River Wye near Llandogo I designed a terrace to place the two-piece sculpture of a rivermaid.
It was made from Forest of Dean stone.